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Luxury Real Estate and Luxury Homes For Sale

Anyone looking to buy a home in Aspen may find themselves overwhelmed by superlatives. Quite frankly, it’s deserved.   Not for nothing is Aspen probably one of the most famous and glamorous little mountain towns in the world, its name alone, a byword for luxury and prestige.

Many of the homes available for purchase in Aspen reflect many home owners’ wish to build, own and live to the highest possible standards.   Even a little way out in some of our more rural neighborhoods, luxury homes may be found to rival any in the world. And it’s worth noting that prices are highly favorable to home buyers at the moment, with an impressive amount of inventory available for sale for you to contemplate.  I know what’s out there like the back of my hand and can’t wait to steward you around some breathtaking properties.

Aspen Luxury Homes for Sale

In my experience, luxury is a term that conveys different things to different home buyers.  For some of my clients, luxury begins with location.  Whether it’s the classic view of Aspen from high up on the slopes of Red Mountain,  a lot or Victorian home right in the heart of Aspen’s charming West End, an expansive home with abundant square footage on right on the ski slopes of Snowmass or Missouri Heights, a fantastic compound from which to host family and friends, I will help you find that glorious, luxurious situation.

Then we’ll work together to define and create your own vision of luxury inside and outside your Aspen home.  Perhaps that will mean exceptional finishes throughout the home, luxury interior design to match your taste and lifestyle and to give you the comfort you seek.  I can identify a whole range of properties that already match your taste or upon which you can imprint your own style.

Luxury homes in Aspen, Colorado

And of course luxury implies fantastic amenities.  Here in Aspen, things that would represent luxury anywhere else in the world are normal and expected – wine rooms, media and home entertainment complexes, gourmet kitchens, magnificent great rooms, sumptuous guest suites, spa-quality bathrooms, artists’ studios, gorgeous fireplaces – all these are to be found in our luxury property listings.

Think too of the outdoors. Any home you purchase in Aspen will need to provide luxury for you and your guests during winter and summer. Here that may mean snowmelt systems installed throughout the property, excellent garage facilities to protect your cars and toys from the winter weather, superlative landscaping so that your outdoor areas can be fully appreciated and used during the summers.   Perhaps you dream of a tennis court?  Swimming pool?  Horse barn?   These things too are there for you.

Aspen Luxury Real Estate

And finally I’ll want to talk to you about access. If you love golf, I have properties close to the greens. If it’s fly-fishing,  I can find you a luxury home on the banks of a gold medal river.  Aspen is so multi-faceted, that anything is possible - including luxury in apparently remote areas!

I so look forward to working with you to define ‘your’ vision of luxury. And then I’ll amaze you with the boundless possibilities that exist in Aspen and its neighborhoods for making that vision a luxurious reality!

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